We're Ohio's 501(c)(3) civic engagement table

Supporting Ohio progressives to work together, learn together, and play together, so we can win together.

Our team:

What we do:

Ohio Voice is the c3 table in Ohio. We are here to create the infrastructure that supports and coheres the social movement ecology in Ohio to improve the lives of all Ohioans. Our role is all about support. We are here to make sure that Ohio progressives have the resources, skills, and networks they need to pursue the change they are working for.

Our mission is to support and grow the ecosystem of non-profit, non-partisan organizations doing year-round civic engagement with underrepresented communities in order to win progressive governance that will improve people’s lives.

Program Areas

  • Convening Partners, Catalyzing Collaborations, and Sharing Best Practices
  • Data & Digital Support, Program Planning, and Evaluation (VAN, text, field programs, etc.)
  • Joint Fundraising, Re-Grants, and Quality Control




  • Voting Rights & Election Administration Coalition (Ohio Voter Rights Coalition)
  • State Budget & Tax Policy Coalition (One Ohio Now)
  • Census Table (co-convener)
  • Leadership Development Programs (focused on emerging people of color)
  • Racial Equity Capacity Building

We constantly assess the political and policy landscape and do power mapping to find opportunities and make strategic suggestions for a collective impact plan that is created collaboratively with our partners. We encourage experimentation and innovation where ever possible.




(some of) who we work with: