Gavin Devore Leonard

Executive Director

Gavin DeVore Leonard is the Executive Director for Ohio Voice, responsible for fundraising and finance, strategic planning, and more.

His background includes serving as State Director of One Ohio Now (our budget and tax policy coalition) from 2011-17, State Director of Ohio’s Center for Progressive Leadership from ’08-’11, co-founder and Executive Director of Elementz (a hip hop-based youth arts center in Cincinnati) from ’05-’08, and years working for affordable housing organizations, canvassing on environmental issues, and plenty of volunteer work – often on racial justice and police accountability. He didn’t finish New York University because he was so excited to get to work :).

Gavin lives in Yellow Springs with his wife and two kids and loves rivers, basketball, Tetris, hip hop, flavorful food, and reading.

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James Hayes

Deputy Director

James is Ohio Voice’s Deputy Director, and works in close partnership with the Executive Director to set and meet organizational goals and budgets, develop strong relationships with partners and other stakeholders, and more.

In 2012, James co-founded the Ohio Student Association (OSA) where he served as Co-Director for four years. In 2015, James was named to the Root 100 as one of the one hundred most influential Black leaders in the country.

Most recently, James worked as Training Director for the Ayni Institute where he designed and led training programs on organizing and movement building for leaders from across the nation and across different movements.

James was born and raised in Columbus, OH where he currently lives with his wife Amelia and dog Ella. He graduated from the Ohio State University in 2012 with a degree in political science and a minor in history.

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Camille Wimbish, Esq.

Election Administration Director

Camille Wimbish is the Election Administration Director for Ohio Voice. She organizes statewide election protection efforts and coordinates the Ohio Fair Elections Network (OFEN), which advocates for modern election reforms and improved voter access.

Camille has been a valued staff member of Ohio Voice since 2012, collaborating with table partners on programs that strengthen our democracy, including redistricting, fair courts and voter education. She received her J.D. from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and her bachelor’s degree from Smith College. She lives in Gahanna with her husband and two young girls.

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Nick Bates

Budget & Tax Policy Director

Nick has worked on state budget and tax policy since 2012 with One Ohio Now – advocating for great public services that strengthen our community. Nick has joint degrees from Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Capital University Law School where his studies centered on a moral and ethical response to injustice in the world. Prior to his graduate studies, Nick worked for the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) for nearly six years. He worked on voter registration, leadership development of homeless and transitional youth, and statewide ballot initiatives related to payday lending (2008) and minimum wage (2006). He also worked to bridge the gaps between multiple state and federal social service systems that allowed many youth to fall between the cracks during transition.

Nick is also a consecrated Deacon in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) where he works to strengthen faith voices to build a stronger and more inclusive Ohio.

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Adam Parsons

Data & Digital Director

Adam Parsons is the Data & Digital Director for Ohio Voice, and assists partners with VAN (Voter Activation Network) administration, campaign planning and analysis, and digital outreach tools and methods.

His background includes grassroots campaign infrastructure, volunteer management, and social media planning and advertising. He has an M.A. in modern U.S. history from Syracuse University and received his undergraduate degree from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA.

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Charlie Stewart

Outreach Manager

Charlie Stewart is the Outreach Manager for Ohio Voice. They focus on community and relationship building, project management, outreach, communications and capacity and needs analysis for civic engagement programs.

Charlie was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Their background includes volunteer coordination and management, grassroots organizing, campaign strategic planning and analysis, event planning and fundraising. They graduated with a B.A studying political science, Spanish, and queer studies at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. In their spare time, they are a guardian ad litem for Casa of Franklin County and organize a social justice group helping queer and trans people of color fight state sanctioned violence.

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Katie Vaughn

Finance and Administration Director

Katie Vaughn is the Finance and Administration Director for Ohio Voice. She assists in the human resources, financial, administration, and operations of the organization. 

Katie was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her background includes experience in human resources, finance, and administration at The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development in Athens, Ohio, and many years of volunteering for the Family Readiness Group for the Kentucky National Guard. In 2019, Katie graduated from Capella University with her MBA with a specialization in human resources. Katie lives in Athens, Ohio with her husband and young daughter, and loves going on vacation, long walks on the beach, reading, and spending time with her family.

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Katie LeBlanc

Digital Engagement Manager

Katie LeBlanc is the Digital Engagement Manager at Ohio Voice, working with partners on scaling up and out their digital footprint, supporting on compelling story and content creation, streamlining external outreach, and training on best practices and tools for sustained development and organizational, digital growth. Her background includes strategic campaign planning, organizing rural communities and students throughout the Midwest and Southeast, operating small and mid-sized ecologically regenerative farms, and working with youth, communities of color, and farmers in expanding their social media presence, branding, and harnessing the power of authentic storytelling. She received her undergraduate degree from Murray State University in 2012, followed by a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Montana in 2015, specializing in organizational digital presence.

Katie lives in Columbus, Ohio where she maintains her flower and vegetable gardens, hosting community dinners, and building power with fellow indigenous people throughout Ohio.

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Alwiyah Shariff

Training & Fellowship Manager

Alwiyah Shariff is the Training & Fellowship Manager at Ohio Voice. In 2007, as a high-schooler,  she started her organizing career on a campaign to raise the minimum wage and learned how to advocate for young people in the system. Since then, she has worked in multiple sectors of the social justice movement including protest organizing, lobbying, union organizing and field organizing – registering over 45,000 young people in Ohio to vote as Ohio Student Association’s Field Director. She’s also been a trainer for multiple training institutions including the Midwest Academy, Momentum and WildFire. She is coming to us from her role as the National Membership Coordinator with the Working Families Party and is eager to work (strictly) in Ohio at such a critical time in our country. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her family and loves to travel back home to East Africa.

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Anyun Chatterjee

Social Media Associate

Anyun creates content and runs social media and webpages for Ohio Voice and its associates.

They completed a BA at UC Berkeley and an MPH in at George Washington. Anyun was part of the 2019 Vision for Ohio fellowship hosted by Ohio Voice. They joined OV after working for one of Ohio’s county health departments. Anyun lives in Westlake where they were born and raised. They enjoy playing the piano and running a popular public health meme page.

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