Digital Organizing Summer School

Applications for this year’s digital organizing summer school are closed! Thanks to everyone who applied.

Digital organizing is not the scary, unpredictable storm you have to weather and navigate alone. At the end of the day, it’s all just organizing! This 6 month training program will equip individuals (or organizational teams) with tools, resources, know-how and strategic plans on how to implement, grow, and strengthen your digital muscles!

You should plan to attend two video calls per month, from April 23rd through September 24th. You should also expect:
– to build and brainstorm with fellow Ohio, progressive, digital organizers and communicators
– experiment and implement cutting edge tools to build your base, increase action participation, and measure successes
– learn from top digital organizers and story-based narrative creators who are winning across the country
– build infrastructure to do what digital does best: showcasing the organizing that you’re already doing on the ground!

For more information or with questions, please contact Katie LeBlanc ([email protected]).

Digital Organizing Summer School Files