Our Mission

Our mission is to support and grow the ecosystem of non-profit, non-partisan organizations doing year-round civic engagement with underrepresented communities in order to win progressive governance that will improve people’s lives.

What We Do

 Ohio Voice is the c3 table in Ohio. We are here to create the infrastructure that supports and coheres the social movement ecology in Ohio to win improve the lives of all Ohioans. Our role is all about support. We are here to make sure that Ohio progressives have the resources, skills, and networks they need to pursue the change they are working for. We believe that if Ohio progressives start to work together, learn together, and play together more, then we will be able to win together.


Our Strategy

Support, cohere, and grow the social movement ecology in Ohio

Successful social movements throughout history have included groups with different approaches to change working in synergy.

In a healthy movement ecology, organizations with different theories of change recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and they work together to produce large-scale social change.

Support work year round that unifies + maximizes the participation of POC, youth, women, working class, and queer folk.

Unify + Maximize the Participation of Our Base

Progressives win when our bases of women, working class communities, POC, and youth are fully engaged, enthused, and mobilized. That means running campaigns and picking issues that inspire, unify, and move the progressive base. That means getting into BIG FIGHTS that push the envelope and address problems at scale. That means bridging the gaps between race, class, and gender.

Year Round Engagement

Any parent who would show up to their child’s birthday party each year with a present and a smile, only to leave until the next birthday, would be considered neglectful.

We need to engage our base throughout the entire year through a variety of strategies.

  • Voter Contact
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Issue Campaigns
  • Movement Building
  • Cultural Organizing
  • Popular Education
  • Leadership Development


Win progressive governance in Ohio to fulfill the promise of America

We believe in the promise of America. We are walking in the footsteps of each generation of Americans who has struggled to close the gap between the ideals found in the declaration of independence and the the concrete reality that most working Americans face each day.

Progressive governance is defined as “the ability to implement and sustain long term change that can further social justice.” We believe that the only way to achieve equity and justice for all Ohioans is for everyday people to organize the power necessary to govern our state and nation into a more progressive future.